MataPitru pooja at Shree Bharathi Vidyapeetha Badiyadka : Children swore to look after their parents

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Bhadiyadka: Mathapithru Puja was performed with devotion at Shree Bharathi Vidyapeetha on 23rd of November. Sri Satyanarayana Sharma Panjithadka, headmaster of the school, instructed the method of performing the pooja. And he also taught them the vow which said –
“Father & Mother are the dieties whom we can see. Their blessings can help us achieve anything in life. We will look after our parents in their old age.” After taking the oath the children touched feet of their parents’ to get blessings.


The parents were emotionally overwhelmed by this and they blessed their children.
Sri Shyam Bhat Berkadavu, a member of the committee, said he was happy to be involved in such a rare event. He advised the children to do things that would bring glory to the school and their parents. Students from class 10 coordinated the program


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