Sri RamachandrapuraMatha lit the light of Deepaavali in lives of many children

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‘Fly Higher India’ is an NGO which has its work area nationwide. Many volunteers are active under this NGO.


So, what does FHI do? It organises a visit to a school of orphans or the specially-abled children on a Sunday of every month. There, the volunteers involve in playing, singing, dancing, games and other crazy innovative tasks which bring out the creativity in the children and also themselves. The children are provided with lunch and snacks. Items which are of use to the children are distributed too. They are taught certain values of life.


As we all already know, SriMatha has been doing immense service to the society through lots of projects. This November month, Sri RamachandrapuraMatha joined hands with Fly Higher India to blossom the smiles of the children. On November 11th, SriMatha’s volunteers visited the Jalahalli Government school where the NGO had organised its event. SriMatha blessed and gifted the students with stationery kits containing pencils, pens etc. Around 100 students were blessed. The smile and ‘thank you’ of the students showed how much they loved it!


Sri RamachandrapuraMatha, which wishes and strives for the welfare of all, visited the Government school students and wished that their lives may be filled with light. The NGO thanked SriMatha for its support and seeked much more.

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