Honnavar Mandala meeting


Honnavar: Many topics were discussed in the Honnavar Mandala meeting held at the residence of Sri G.G. Bhat Chouki of the valaya on Sunday.


Major topics discussed:
1. Kunkumaarchane collection for the programme of Apsarakonda shakhamatha to be deposited in Upasana account.
2. About Lakshmilakshana software.
3. Shivaratri Mahotsava.
4. Valmiki Ramayana.
5. Jeevanadaana.
6. Yearly Tantrikotsava at Higunda
7. Anniversary ceremony in Kitre and meetings for Rathotsavas.


Sri Aachaar Bhat was present on this occasion and gave complete information about the gurukula.


Sri Rajarama Hebbar was the president of thw event. Sri G.G. Bhat of Shasanatantra, head of Vidyarthi Vahini of Mahamandala Sri S.G. Bhat Kabbinagadde, heads Arogya, Seva & vocational departments of the Mandala and coordinators of the valaya were present. Secretary Sri Vasanth Kumar presented the report of the previous meeting.


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