Vedavahini programme in Sulya valaya: Parayana and Shravana (chanting and listening) of Vedas performed

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Sulya: Sulya valaya’s Vaidika and Samskara division conducted 112th and 113th Vedavahini programmes on 2nd November.


112th Vedavahini was conducted in Pare Sri Keshavayya Bhat’s house. He along with his family were listeners to Veda parayana. Gurikkara of the ghataka, Sri Vishnukiran Bhat was present during the occasion.


On the same day, 113th Vedavahini took place at Sri Venkataramana Bhat’s house at Nirabidare. The family members took part as listeners to the Veda parayana. Sri Bhaktavatsala Nirabidare performed the vote of thanks.


The Vaidikas Ettukallu Sri Narayana Bhat, Sri Vishwakirti Jois, Sri Krishna Bhat Aramburu and Sri Venkatesha Shastri performed the Veda parayana in both the programmes.


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