An appeal from Sri RamachandrapuraMatha Samrakahana Samiti


Collective Invocation


Dear Gurubandhus who have vowed to protect SriMatha,


The entire society has joined under ‘Sri RamachandrapuraMatha Samrakshana Samiti’ to protect, preserve and safe-guard SriMatha. With a view to invoke divine blessings to the task of protection to be undertaken by the Samiti, we need to collectively invoke the Lord.


For the above purpose, it has been decided to submit the prayers of entire society before the Lord on Saturday, 10/11/2018 by Sri RamachandrapuraMatha Samrakshana in all the branches and units of SriMatha. We request all the devotees and followers of SriMatha to jointly engage in this programme. Praying collectively is the fountain of energy to all our future agitations and campaigns.

Thanking you
Office bearers
Sri RamachandrapuraMatha Samrakshana Samiti


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