Personal experience: It was present- “just before and also after”. God as a saviour on His day, the divine Ekadashi



Miracle of SriRama, on the way back after listening to His tunes. A moment where the chain around my neck vanished when chain snatchers snatched it to safely remain within the divine hands of SriRama; it’s presence was noted before and after also. Read further about this miracle.


November 3, 2018 was the divine day of Ekadashi. Ekadashi day marks the programme of Ramapada conducted by SriSamsthana of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha for disciples from 6pm to 8pm. Seated in front of the divine and listening to His tunes, Guru speaks while the disciples listen. That day being Ekadashi, I started alone to Matha in my two wheeler, Aviator. Having reached on time and blessed with the bliss of Ramapada, I started back at around 8pm.


I had to take a different route as the usual route leading to my house had been dug up. 8pm-8.30pm in Bengaluru surely sees women individually strolling the roads. But, that evening, it was a different route, slightly less developed with sparse street lights. Dur to bumpy road, I had to slow down near a hump. A bike with 2 people passed very close by, making me uncomfortable. I slowly rode my scooter behind the bike which had refuced it’s speed. When I could see a populated area, I overtook the bike. Though I continued to see their headlights tailing me, I was slightly relieved that I passed their vehicle. I then concentrated on the route that I had to take. The next turn around 500mts. ahead was a completely deserted place with no street lights and no humans in sight. The same bike came in full speed and restricted my scooter by hitting the front wheel of my scooter with their bike. I did not have the strength to bear the weight of the vehicle. The force of the bike hitting my vehicle pushed me on the road with the scooter toppling over me. I was stuck in between the scooter. While I shouted for help, there was no one who could hear to my plea. But, the Divine Lord being omnipresent, responded to my plea.


The chain snatchers on the bike came closer and tried snatching the chain from my neck. I don’t know from where I gained the strength to push my vehicle and upsurp the balance. He searched but failed to find my chain. The driver asked “Did you get it? Did you get it?” The pillion rider replied “She hasn’t worn it. There is nothing. Just ride ahead, go”. Bike drove away. Fear engulfed me. I touched my neck. My mangalsutra was just there in its own place. A moment earlier, the chain snatcher couldn’t find it. It was there earlier, later too. But, where was it at that particular moment? It was held safely by the loving hands of SriRama is what I totally believe. Whether the chain was absent or the chain snatcher couldn’t find it, the truth of this is known only to Guru, Rama and mother nature who witnessed this.


This presents a living example that miracles do happen when the divine protector and faith in Guru are strong.
Dark night, no street lights with no houses around, entirely deserted area with no vehicles in sight. Myself being alone and victimised by the bike it, I felt so helpless as I couldn’t even run as the scooter was over me. Anything could have happened. It is a miracle if I have survived it without anything untoward. I put all my strength to lift the scooter, by calling out Rama’s name aloud, started it and returned home safely. I was unscathed, not even a scratch from my fall or the scooter having fallen on me. My God saved me and the chain too.


There was no person who could protect me. But the miracle took place because of the Lord protecting me from within. One grain of mantrakshate placed on my head by Guru and the heart filled with Ramakrishna stories in Ramapada created these miracles .
That moment brings in memories of fear but the outcome of it increased my faith in Guru and Rama multifold.


Why fear when they are here?
Why live when you don’t reminisce them?
Place them in your heart.
“Tum rakshak kahuko data”? These lines from Hanuman Chalisa float through my mind.


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