Experience by : Mrs. Annapoorna Kulmarva, Nirchalu


Tvameva mātā ca pitā tvameva |
Tvameva bandhushca sakhā tvameva ||
Tvameva vidyā dravinam tvameva |
Tvameva sarvam mama devadeva ||

Let me first offer my million pranams to my first guru SriRama and to undivided tradition of SriSamsthana. I, Annapoorna who is ever under the divine mercy of SriSamsthana am again placing my words to the feet of SriGuru. So far whatever I have achieved in my life is by the grace of SriSamsthana. We have not had the good fortune of seeing either SriRama or Sri Adi Shankara but have seen Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharati wearing Sri Adi Shankara’s padukas and walking in the footsteps of SriRama. SriSamsthana is merciful, listening to thousands of disciple’s grievances with patience and offering solace to them, being their pillar of strength. This is my personal experience. Now that my health is much better than before and day by day I am still improving. Now I am consuming limited number of medicines and I am finding some satisfaction in my life.


SriGuru, I have an younger brother. I have loved him since his birth. I have been very attached to him. He was very pious but since a few years, he has lost his way. Since the last 10 to 15 years he has become an addict to alcohol. My mother is a deeply religious and cultured woman and was deeply hurt and she died heartbroken. My brother’s one good work was that he looked after my mother as diligently as I did. Despite this, his drinking habit was a curse that never left him. Even though my husband and me tried our best to reform him, we failed multiple times. It was an uphill task when he used to get drunk and fell by the roadside and somebody bringing him home or telephoning us. We rushing to the spot fearing great calamity. We spent many years like this. My two children used to be scared witnessing these scenes. I used to rush to the pooja room and beg with Lord Krishna to save us. I was so helpless. One day, I prayed to Lord Rama and Guru and begged them to either bring my brother to the right path or end the relationship and I will consider myself as an orphan. I prayed that I was tired and to show me the right path.


What happened next was unimaginable. Yes! This Peeta is the one that unites relationships than dividing them. Surprisingly, in the last one and half years, my brother changed and became straight and pious in nature. He is leading a clean life. He performs sandhyavandana twice a day. He recites the Gayathri mantra, reads Bhagavad Gita, and writes the japa of Rama. He also participates in the programme of Bindu Sindhu. Above all these activities he reads Valmiki Ramayana daily. He has understood the pain of his indulgence and has totally reformed.


About 3 months ago, my father aged 93 passed away. His last days were peaceful and he lived a satisfied life thinking about his reformed son. My brother performed all rites systematically. At last at the age of 51 years, I got my brother back. When he without any medicine or counselling, without any help, he could free himself from his addiction to alcohol. It is a miracle and nothing but blessing from Lord Rama and SriSamsthana.


In the same soil, amidst the same people where he led a lowly life, on the very same soil and with same people was honoured for his recitation of Ramayana. What else as an elder sister could be more satisfying? In every life, let SriRama be my Guru and be firmly established in my heart. This is my request to SriSamsthana.

ಮತ್ಸರಿಸುವರೆಲ್ಲ ಕೂಡಿ ಮಾಡುವುದೇನು?
ಅಚ್ಯುತ ನಿನ್ನ ದಯೆಯು ಒಂದಿರಲು
ವಾತ್ಸಲ್ಯ ಬಿಡದಿರು ನಿನ್ನ ನಂಬಿದೆನೋ ದೇವ
ಕಿಚ್ಚಿಗೆ ಇರುವೆ ಮುಚ್ಚುವುದೇ
ಕೇಳೆಲೋ ರಂಗ
ನಾ ನಿನ್ನ ಧ್ಯಾನದೊಳಿರಲು ಸದಾ
ಹೀನ ಮಾನವರೇನು ಮಾಡುವರೋ ||


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