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Panchagavya Workshop on behalf of Bharatiya GouParivara – Karnataka is to be held at Amrutadhara Goshala in Bajakodlu near Perla, Kasaragod district, Kerala. The Panchagavya Workshop will be held for three days, starting from January 16th at 9 in the morning and will end on January 18th at 5 in the evening.

★Activities planned for Panchagavya Workshop at Bajakodlu….

◆Introduction to Gou
◆Introduction to Gavya products
◆Preparation of Panchagavya products (information and practical training)
◆Gou based agriculture
◆Gou based life
◆Gou and us
◆Religious and cultural programs

Accommodation as well as local cuisine will be arranged during the three days of workshop.

★The entry is kept limited to 50 people
★The campers should stay in the camp for three days compulsorily
★Discipline, rules and timings of the camp must be followed mandatorily
★The camp fee is fixed at Rs. 1500/-

Interested people can register themselves before January 10th using the Google form link given below, along with the fee payment 👇

For more details contact:

Dr. Ravi : 9483942776
Mahesh Chatnalli : 9449595277
Madhu Gomati: 9449595278
Shishira Angadi: 9483484074

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