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Sri RamachandrapuraMatha which has its glory of Avichhinna Guruparampara, is very special. It was established by Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada with an intention. It is a parampara established and blessed by Sri Shankaracharya who made His disciple Sri Vidyanandacharya (who was initiated to sanyasa by Sri Sureshvaracharya) as the third pontiff and handed over the sacred idols of SriRama worshipped by sage Agastya and given by sage Varada, the Chandramoulishwara Linga and the SriPadukas. In the whole of Bharata, it is the only Shankaracharya parampara which has the glory of Avichhinnata (unbroken lineage). “Sankalpita Karyasiddhi Praveena” is the title of the present seer His Holiness Srimad Jagadguru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji, who is the 36th seer of the lineage and who has completed 25 Chaturmasyas.


It is not just a title. Everyone who is aware of the activities and achievements of SriSamsthana, knows that the title is a fact. It takes to a world of astonishment if we look at the path of His Holiness and the achievements. Samsthana gave the blend of yellow and green colours, the Kamadhenu flag to SriMatha, travelled continuously and visited several houses of disciples of 18 sects and brought light to their lives. Guruji pledged to protect Gomata, the entire life. SriSamsthana instilled the spirit of sacrifice through the “Mushti Bhiksha” project, provided an opportunity for common man too to become a part of social service through the “Bindu-Sindhu” project, formulated the “Jeevana Daana” where every year on the day of ascendance to the Peetha, a family in need is adopted and is taken care by SriMatha completely. World’s first Gou-bank, goshalas, industry of cow products, gavya medicines and many such innovations were brought to picture by SriSamsthana. By opposing those activities which hinder the peace of society, SriSamsthana proved that the Peetha is not just Guru for the world, but is also a DharmaPeetha which protects the society. Many historical events like Vishwa Gou Sammelan, Ramayana Mahasatra and Vishwa Mangala Gou Grama Yatra which were actuated by Guruji, attracted the world’s attention towards SriMatha. The words of those who saw the Sahasra Santa Sangama that “This is possible only by Sri RamachandrapuraMatha!” gives a view of the great organisational capability of His Holiness.


Renovation of Ashoke – SriMatha’s place of origin, development of Anjaneya’s birth place in Gokarna, construction of Chandramoulishwara temple at Hosanagar, and the list goes on..!

SriSamsthana’s idea of “Kotirudra” is actively running at Sri Mahabaleshwara temple, Gokarna and is at the verge of completion.


To add more, Samsthana added a social dimension to the traditional Chaturmasya ritual. All the events at SriMatha after SriSamsthana ascended the Peetha, have created new records! May it be a festival at SriSamsthana’s presence or may it be a hunger strike, thousands of disciples shall be present there! After observing all such facts, our hearts shall assert that SriSamsthana is “Sankalpita Karyasiddhi Praveena”.


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