“If you neglect me, then who stands for me…..”


Ekadashi means remembering Lord Hari. Remembering Hari means Ramapada. It is the day to remember SriRama at his feet. It is the moment when one would fill their entire being with Lord SriRama.


That is why the mind always awaits the auspicious day of Ekadashi. We go there as we get to immerse ourselves in Lord Rama, to forget all worries and thoughts and find peace by listening to SriGuru’s words.


The first Pada began with the praise of Sakala Vidya Adipoojita SriGananatha. The way SriSamsthana depicted Lord Ganapati was very unique.


Despite having big stomach and small eyes, if Sri Ganapati is with us, then, eveything done by us will pass by smoothly. We believe this absolutely and hence we worship the Sindhoor coloured SriGananatha with the Gudiya Nodiranna song by Sri. Shishunala Sharif.


The song that was sung beautifully by Aaba and others touched my heart.


SriSamsthana explained the song sung by them as the Lord of this whole world sits inside our bodies, this beautiful temple.


“The Lord who sits within us without us knowing, only reveals himself to those who are ready”. When I heard this, I was flushed with emotion remembering the instances when I was showered with God’s blessings.

My heart overflowed with emotion when SriRama received the payasam on UttanaDwadashi day.

Whenever I listen to “Tallanisadiru kandya taalu manave….”, it feels as if it was written just for me.


Who is the one who will water the trees on the mountains? Who is one who will feed the frogs that are born in the rocks?




One need not suspect who is this person. Kanakadasa has responded to us in this song itself. He has said that the one who gives us life is the one who takes care of it. If we did not have this hope, then we would not wait for tomorrow.


The mind reminds itself this song when the mind is agitated, sad and when in danger.


Agriculture is not that easy. It is fraught with obstacles. Even if one works all through the night, one may not receive adequate fruits. There is truth when SriSamsthana says this but how many of us understand this?


God is the greatest form of motherhood. Life runs ahead because of remembering that Lord who is a thousand times more kind than our own mothers.


“Ninupekshaya maade bere gati yaarenage, nigama gochara Mukunda….”. Only those who have been neglected in their lives will understand this line completely. If loved ones become the one who neglect, then life becomes unbearable.


SriHari would not neglect His devotees as He is the one who protected Gaja Raja when he was attacked by a crocodile.


The one who gave mukti to Ajamila, would he push someone who constantly says ‘Neenallade bere gati yaarenage…’


Only He can know when our minds will be filled with kindness, when we will receive complete vairagya….


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