YES, 15.8.1947 was the day on which we, ‘INDIANS’ snatched independence from Britishraj. It was the result of bloody struggle our forefathers fought against the cunning British, originally sneaked into India in the name of East India Company. We are politically independent, since that date. After robbing every riches of Bharata, and having been forced to go back, the British Rule reluctantly gave way to our own rule.


NO, we have not received complete independence. As our Guruji says, ‘We will have total independence on the day, when we achieve total stoppage of cow slaughter’. That is the sign of dependence on British mentality. There are many more. That is why we are ‘India’ and not ‘Bharata.’ It goes without saying that during British rule, our security was also the concern of British only. The same system continued even after we became independent.


It is on 15.01.1949, the head of the Army, who was a British officer, namely General Sir Francis Butcher handed over the ‘baton’ to our own proud Field Marshal Kodandera. M. Cariappa. He is popularly known as Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa. On that day we were off, by one of the shackles of dependence. It is that day, 15th January, which is remembered and celebrated every year as ARMY DAY.


This year we celebrate 71st Army Day. Indian Army celebrates Army Day especially at the Amar Jawan Jyothi at New Delhi. We remember the ultimate sacrifices of our brave soldiers. We pay our respects to them. Grand parade will be performed at Cariappa Parade Ground at New Delhi. On Army Day, gallantry awards and medals will be handed over to soldiers who fought valiantly to protect our mother land. Similar celebrations are held in various other parts of the Country.


DO WE remember our Defence forces by the way we ought to have remembered them? Do we treat them the way we should have? We make loose talks about the Army. We do not even think of the difficult circumstances in which the Armed forces are discharging their duties. We have people within us, who call the heads of the Forces as thieves, liars, goondas and what not. Our Governments forget the requirements of armed forces. Do we remember the sacrifices the family members of the soldiers make? Have we seen the silent cries of the wives, children of martyred soldiers? Have we thought of the lifelong sufferings without complaints of the injured & disabled soldiers?


LET US pledge on the ARMY DAY to do something or to contribute something to the Soldiers. At least let us respect and love the Armed forces.


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