Srikararchita pooja- An eternal bliss!


A true devotee in front of the omnipotent and omnipotent in front of true devotees- the mutual darshan at a time can occur only when saints perform and offer their puja. This heavenly experience attracts devotees continuously towards SriMatha is the clear statement of those fortunate eyes to have beheld the Srikararchita puja in SriMatha. SriRamachandrapura Matha holds a 1300 years of history of world’s only unbroken lineage. Here, puja is performed twice daily to Saparivara SriRama, Chandramouleeshwara, Rajarajeshwari without a break. Blessed by saint Agasthya, rituals followed by Varadamuni, being handed over by Adishankara; these idols, Chandramouleeshwara and Srichakra have been worshipped by Gueuparampara for the well being of the universe each day for 1300 samvatsaras. SriSamsthana has been a continuous source of inspiration by uniting the society and propelling each of the volunteers to involve in services towards SriMatha since the day of His Peetharohana. This has led to the common disciple also to be attracted towards SriMatha. Visiting SriMatha involves the ritual of Phalasamparpana, receiving Mantrakshate and being able to behold Srikararchita puja twice a day without fail. This is a huge spiritual development. Srikararchita puja or simply put SriRama puja invokes different feelings in each person. SriSamsthana is an epitome of total faith and dignity when he performs puja. Saparivara SriRama is throned on the magnificent silver mantapa or golden mantapa on some occasions. In the sparkling golden lights of lamps He shines gloroiusly invoking the deepest faith in the devotees, while the beautifully arranged flowers in the plate wait to be decorated onto His feet. When Sriparivara Shastry along with Sriparivara and the group of priests chant Mantras in a bold voice, SriGuru washes each of the Saligrama and performs abhisheka with panchamruta, tender coconut water, gangajala, pure water. This sight puts every devotee into a trance. The sounds of Rudra-Chame-Sookta , shanti mantras, reverberate in the devotees, drowning them into bliss. By then tulasi, bilwa leaves adorn the idols. Each bilwa parts invokes bhakti in the devotee. Later SriGuru adorns the idols with beautiful flowers. This view fills the heads of devotees especially the women who are excited that the flowers of their gardens have made their place on the Lord’s feet. After the phalasamarpane by the Bhiksha kartru to SriSamsthana, every body is given an opportunity to place phala. The devotees place phala by getting their fill of SriRama and praying for their wish fulfillment, with total devotion. Devotees are filled with emotions when rituals of Dhoopa, naivedya and Mangalarathi continues. Devotees who reminisced SriRama in silence until then, pray with all their heart to fulfill their wishes. Devotees, disciples fill their hearts and soul by being present emotionally and spiritually in the Srikararchita puja either on special days like their children’s birthday, wedding anniversary or any other special seva. Yet another distinctive feature is Harake prayer in front of SriSamsthana and Srikararchita dieties. The feeling of doing harake Samarkand after one’s prayers being answered by the Lord who doesn’t let us down in our worst phases of life can only be experienced and not explained. This is the moment when anyone who wants Saparivara SriRama and SriSamsthana to stay at their place or if they wish to perform SriBhiksha seva during the stay can seek permission by placing phala. In turn, the experience of the all rewarding SriRama showering his grace in different forms through Guru to all his devotees is beyond words. Srikararchita puja is an eternal bliss.

Takes bhakti to yet another level, don’t give it a miss!!


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