Let SriMatha enter the arena of the demonic mobile – SriSamsthana : The present seer too is Adi Shankaracharya – Vidwan Umakant Bhat



Bengaluru: The previous seer H.H. Sri SriSriRaghavendra Bharathi Mahaswamiji had very much love for education. He had deep interest in Vedas and their branches. Hence, every year on the day of his aradhana, a scholar is being felicitated and thus the seer is remembered, said SriSamsthana.


SriSamsthana conferred the ‘Panditya Puraskara’ to Kerekai Sri Umakant Bhat at the Aradhana Mahotsava event of the previous pontiff Brahmaikya Jagadguru Shankaracharya SriSriRaghavendra Bharathi Mahaswamiji at SriRamashrama, Girinagar and graced the occasion. And said, Vidwan Umakant Bhat studied under Sri Ramabhadracharya at Mysore. Even we did our studies under him after sanyasa sweekara. Umakant Bhat has the credit of being an eligible student of Sri Ramabhadracharya. May the society be benefited more from him.


Speaking about the ‘Shishyabandha’ mobile application developed by Havyaka Mahamandala, he said, Mobile has become a way for the maaya. Western lifestyle is attacking us through it. But let SriMatha enter through the mobile and take people towards a noble life.


The present pontiff is also Adi Shankaracharya

Vidwan Umakant Bhat received the ‘Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Panditya Puraskara’ award and spoke, Sri Shankaracharya showed the path of knowledge in Indian culture. He built a world of faith in place of the world of misfaiths. It is Guru who is both the path and door to reach SriRama from this ocean of samsara. Instead of trying to search somewhere else, we should realise that the place where Guru is, is itself Hari-dwara and hence this Girinagar itself is a holy place.


He continued, The terrorists of the intellectual field may question how to identify the present seer as Shankaracharya who was present centuries ago. There is an answer for this. The pontiff of the Peetham shall also be Adi Shankaracharya only. The pontiff is the basis of the Peetham devoid of which it shall not be a Peetha. The seer sitting on the Peetha is not a only a person, but he is the Parampara’s power. That is why the titles ‘Avicchinna Parampara’, ‘Vikhyata Vyakhyana Simhasanadishwara’ exist.


Any pontiff of the Parampara shall be Shankaracharya himself. It is a sin to talk ill of the Peetha and the pontiff. It shows our samskara- the way we are built, he clearly said.


Before this, aradhana of the previous pontiff was performed through Thirtharaja pooja and SriMatha’s other rituals. In the stage programme, Dr. Raghavendra Bhat narrated his poem ‘Pranati Panchaka’ on the previous seer. Many disciples who had served the previous seer and many other disciples performed a special pooja at the Samadhi shrine and were blessed with Sri Paramparanugraha. ‘Shishyabandha’ application was launched by the Sammukha Sarvadhikari Sri Timmappayya Madiyal (retired I.P.S). The chief administrative officer K. G. Bhat, Smt. Eshwari Berkadavu president of the mahamandala, Sri Madhusudan Adiga, Sri Mohan Bhaskar Hegde, Sri Ramesh Hegde Koramangala, Sri Vadiraj Samaga, Sri R. S. Hegde Haragi and many other devotees of various regions were present.

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