An Eternal Blessing- Mushti Bhiksha


It is so touching for our hearts to remember that we are the disciples of Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji, the 36th seer of the only unbroken lineage of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha established by Adi Guru Shankaracharya.


The projects designed by His Holiness for social welfare are several. The ways in which they are implemented are unique.


It is due to our previous lives’ fortune that we are the disciples of a Guru who has been striving for the establishment of Dharma by linking the souls through the bond of love, trust, compassion and equality.


His Holiness, who protects the disciples with the motherly compassion, has blessed us with the project Mushti Bhiksha. “A fist for a complete feast” – this is the intention of the project.


Mushti Bhiksha has been a boon for thousands of hungry stomachs and is continuing to be so. There is nothing greater than food for the hungry souls. If that food is given by a mother, what more to say! Mushti Bhiksha realises such a noble job.


Mushti Bhiksha is serving the needy ones with rice, which would be set aside in a fist by the mothers before cooking, from the very rice they use for cooking.


Everyday, in the fistful rice which the mothers set aside remembering SriGuru and SriRama, there lies an eternal wish; this is from the blessing of SriSamsthana.


A fist of rice which the mothers keep aside for eliminating hunger, has sacrifice, empathy for society and devotion for the Guru blended with SriSamsthana’s support “Keep aside a fist of rice. The rest shall become elixir.” The fistful rice offered thus, purifies the minds and gives an eternal contentment to the mothers.


This rice collected from houses when offered to the needy ones, invites divinity into it and shares SriGuru’s blessings with them too.


“The last person of the society too should not suffer. Even they should be benefited through our charity”. To support this idea, Mushti Bhiksha offers the rice collected, freely to the people in distress and to the mothers who have no men to take care.


Hundreds of families have seen contentment through this project. Several children have their noon hot meals from this project. Hostels, goshalas too have seen its uses.


In addition to the above, SriMatha has extended its helping hand through this project to the victims of natural disasters crossing the barriers of state, language and caste.


SriSamsthana’s compassion has reached the Gujarat’s earthquake, Kodagu’s flood. Mushti Bhiksha has become a boon for the victims there.


It is a matter of pride that Mushti Bhiksha has been a great help to a school whose mid day meals was obstructed.


“We used to get benefitted from Mushti Bhiksha during our hard times. Now that we are self-dependent, we have stopped taking its benefits so that the others who are in need could take the help”. These are the words of a lad who was supported by Mushti Bhiksha a few years back.


“Who else than the mother can hear the child’s cry? The Mushti Bhiksha rice which we are taking shows that SriGuru has understood our pain”. These are the words of a mother who is a beneficiary of Mushti Bhiksha.


“We believe that the Mushti Bhiksha rice is a blessing of SriSamsthana. We eat it with the faith that every grain is an infinite blessing. Also we foresee to the day when we can give it back to the society with SriGuru’s grace”, a student says.


“We are grateful to the society which is helping us. We have the fortune of eating the Amritanna”, another mother says.


All the above experiences tell us the importance of SriSamsthana’s unique project. It is through these projects that we realise the families amidst us which are in trouble.


Mushti Bhiksha is continuing to touch lives with the compassionate fistful offering and SriSamsthana’s concern.


“What can be achieved through one fist of rice?” – those who asked such questions are now themselves offering Mushti Bhiksha. Isn’t it appreciable?


Mothers are being blessed by Gurupeetha and SriRama for their participation in the project.


Everyday in every home, through the remembrance of SriSamsthana and SriRama, this project is to be expanded. Our daily food too shall turn into elixir by this. The lives of the people who eat such food too shall be virtuous. The society shall turn to a RamaRajya thereby.


Let us offer a fistful of rice with devotion. Let us get contentment while seeing our offering nourishing other lives. Let us make our lives an offering to SriSamsthana and SriRama.

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