122 kilograms of wheat payasam offered to Srikararchita SriRama for UthanaDwadashi

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Bengaluru: On the auspicious day of UthanaDwadashi, as per the resolution of SriSamsthana, payasam made of unbroken wheat was offered to Saparivara Srikararchita SriRama Devaru.


Flavourous payasam made of unbroken wheat was prepared by the time SriSamsthana began Rama pooja in the morning. One drona weighs 16 kilograms and payasam made of 8 dronas in total i.e., 122.850 kilograms of unbroken wheat was offered to SriRama.


After the payasam was offered by SriSamsthana to SriRama, payasam was doled out as prasadam to all the devotees of SriMatha, to 4000 students of various schools including Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya of Hampinagar, to the devotees of Banashankari temple and many other bhaktas around the city.

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