SriMatha as Home, Guru as Mother


Why the heading – SriMatha as Home, Guru as Mother? If we are at our Matha, it feels like we are at home or we feel more peaceful to being at home. In front of our Guru, it feels like being with our dearest mother or we experience more peace and happiness than being in the lap of a mother.


Do you know which Matha am I talking about? It is our Sri RamachandrapuraMatha.
Do you know who is our Guru? It is our dear SriSamsthana.


It was the time when ignorance and darkness was spread everywhere. The words culture and dharma had been lost. School, college, work, foreign visits, own house, own car, I, me, mine – such selfish actions only were to be seen everywhere. It is quite common for a river to unite with the ocean, but however the same river was flowing in different directions as tributaries without reaching the goal. We, like the river, were supposed to join and become one with the ocean called God; but we however had split into tributaries without uniting and were roaming aloof, neither knowing the path nor reaching the goal. Sympathetic by the above situation, God sent a bundle of knowledge to once again establish dharma, to pull all the people back on the right path, not through punishments but through motherly love, God gifted our SriSamsthana to this earth, that too as a pontiff of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha which has a history of 1300 years. It is an unique Matha with an unbroken lineage, from Shankaracharya till our SriSamsthana, the 36th pontiff of this parampara. We are proud to be present during the time of SriSamsthana.


Now, talking about my life, I was leading a life with neither a goal nor a Guru, without even having the knowledge of ultimate destination. I finished my schooling, was done with college, time was just flying away in daily chores without any goal; time and days were spent barely by sleeping, eating, studying material subjects. A question started lingering in my mind, if I had come all the way to this world for just this. With this question, the quest for the answer begun in my mind. I just fell into the laps of Garden city Bengaluru. But that fall wasn’t in fact a fall but was a rise, since I fell into the lotus feet of SriSamsthana.


After that started the journey from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, from outward journey to a journey towards innerself. I was a drop of questions and SriSamsthana was an ocean of answers.


When I attained the age of marriage, fear crept in as to what kind of a person will enter into my life, and what if he doesn’t believe in God and Guru? I prayed for a person of my kind from the depth of my heart and guess what, I was blessed with a husband who has hundred times more love and dedication towards God and Guru. Next was the phase of tension regarding the baby. It is my luck and His blessings that we are blessed with a baby who has utmost respect and love towards SriMatha and SriSamsthana and we are very happy about it. For all of us, SriMatha equals home and SriSamsthana is “Guru Chaami”. What we have given to SriMatha as our service and in terms of time is very less. But, what we have received is unconditional love and blessings always.


Our SriMatha and SriSamsthana are inviting all of us whole heartedly, to walk towards our ultimate goal. Goal of human life is the same for all, but the path may differ. However SriMatha provides opportunity for anyone and everyone to realise and reach our goals.



If we are walking on the path of karma and are being workaholics, then SriMatha provides various opportunities through which we will be able to serve the society; there are mega projects like Goswarga, works of saving and serving cows, serving goshaala and many more through which we can rid ourselves of our sins and can walk the path towards self realization.


If we are emotional and like to walk the path of bhakti, then here lies an opportunity- SriSamsthana will be offering pooja to Lord SriRama, Chandramoulishwara, Rajarajeshwari twice a day with utmost bhakti; while we can witness the pooja by keeping our eyes open, we can realise our inner strengths with our eyes closed.


If we have the quest towards knowledge and want to walk along the path of jnana, then our SriSamsthana is the right point of contact. SriSamsthana is a bundle of knowledge; we can be a part of the many discourses which take place in SriMatha and can be blessed with knowledge through each and every word of SriSamsthana.


Do visit our SriMatha which treats everyone like at home, do come and feel the nectar of motherly care from SriSamsthana.


Let us cross this ocean of samsara easily by the divine guidance of our beloved Guru.


Be a part of SriMatha, be in touch with SriSamsthana to reach the goal of life.


Hearty welcome to everyone.


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