Vaani Pooja and Anniversary of Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Saveda Samskruta Mahavidyala


The fulfillment of education is in it’s practice: Pramod Pandit


The significance of Veda-Samskruta is not just in studying but in practicing. A scholar with conduct is always respected by the world. Hence all the students should inculcate pure practice- principles. From this, both the scholar and his school will gain success. Let the school established by our Poorvacharya give shelter to thousands of students with the gracious blessings of our SriSamsthana. Let it become an ideal school for all the other schools of our land, said Pramod Pandit, the secretary of Vidya Vibhaga.


He was the chief guest of Vaani Pooja and anniversary of SriMatha’s Sri Raghavendra Bharathi Saveda Samskruta Mahavidyala.


Mugva’s Gram Panchayat President Sri T. S. Hegde Kondakere as a dignitary informed that he will provide with the complete support as the president of Gram Panchayat and on personal level for the development of the college and the prosperity of Veda and Samskruta.


The president of the organisation Sri Veda Murthy Subramanya Bhat was the president of the ceremony. Praacharya Vidwan Ganesh Bhat informed and introduced all the guests.
Former Praacharya Vidwan Sri V. G. Hegde Gudge, administrative committee’s member Sri Subraya Hegde Tadaani was present on the stage.
Vice President Vidwan Shankar Bhat Gaangere gave away the vote of thanks. Dr. Nagapati Bhat moderated the entire programme.

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