Wonder called Myself!

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While western ideologies and philosophical thought processes are projected externally to explain the wonders of nature and the phenomena of the universe, Bharatiya Vedanta dwells deep in to the self; and proceeds to prove without any confusion that the external projections explained in every other philosophy is nothing but the projection of our own mind. Seers, in the height of their realization, have eulogized the self in such flowery language that for the uninitiated it would certainly look farcical. Here are some examples:


Ashtavakra Geeta:

अहो अहं नमो मह्यं विनाशो यस्य नास्ति मे।
ब्रह्मादिस्तंबपर्यन्तं जगन्नाशेsपि तिष्ठत:।।


aho ahaṃ namo mahyaṃ vināśo yasya nāsti me |
brahmādistambaparyantaṃ jagannāśepi tiṣṭhataḥ ||


Oh incredible me! I salute myself, the one who has no destruction.
I am present right from a blade of grass till Brahma – the almighty and outlive even the doom.


Varaha Upanishad:

सर्वभूतांतरस्थाय नित्यमुक्तचिदात्मने।
प्रत्यक् चैतन्यरूपाय मह्यमेव नमोनम:।।

sarvabhūtāntarasthāya nityamuktacidātmane |
pratyak caitanyarūrāya mahyameva namonamaḥ ||

Oh Me! Who shine within every being and is present in every living being as his intellect and consciousness, the one who is ever free, I salute such Myself!

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