Anniversary Celebration in Pallatadka Valaya: Amruthapatha & Vedic Programmes by the Disciples


Badiyadka: The anniversary of the Pallathadka valaya of the Mulleriya Havyaka Mandala was held on Sunday, November 18 at Pallathadka Muddumandira. During this time many Vedic programs were performed including Gopuja, Ganapati Havana, Kunkumarachana by the women, Bhajan, Bhajana Ramayana, Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana and Sri Sathyanarayana pooja under the guidance of Vedamurthi Pallathakka Sri Parameshwara Bhat. Valaya vice-president Sri Subrahmanya Bhat with his wife conducted the Sathyanarayana Pooja.


Later, Valaya President Ganaje Sri Ramakrishna Bhat presided over the meeting and programme. Mulleriya Mandala president Prof. Srikrishna Bhat speaking on the valaya anniversary, said, “Children will be able to engage themselves in dharma and religious activities by this organisation of pooja programs here. The parents should work in this regard and make their children participate in the programs related to SriMatha.” In addition, the meritorious and talented students were honoured in the gathering.


On this occasion, the Secretary of Mulleriya mandala, Sri Balasubramanya Sarpamoole felicitated Sri Ganesh Bhat Munchikka. Sri Ganesh has done Goseva across the valaya and is incharge of the mobile Cow temple. Praising the work of Sri Ganesh, Sri Balasubramanya said that Sri Ganesh has taken care of wounded cows and is a model for society. The efforts of the valaya volunteers in the Pallathadka valaya are commendable and they are in the forefront of delivering the various Yojanas of SriSamsthana. The couple, Sri Subrahmanya Bhat and Smt. Swarnalatha Bolooru were also honoured.


Secretary of the Pallathakka Valaya Sri Subramanya Keremule presented the annual and accounting reports. The head of Matrumandala Smt. Kusuma Permukha, Smt. Devi Panne of Bindu Sindhu Division, Sri Mahesh of Shishyamadyama division, Head of Vidyarthivahini Sri Keshava Prasada Edakkana, Valaya Dhikdarshaka Paddadka Sri Ganapathi Bhat, Annepalla Sri Narayana Bhat, Perumunda Sri Shankaranarayana Bhat, President of Peradala Valaya Shri Hariprasada Perumuka, Vice President of Neerchalu Valaya Smt. Kanakavalli Badagamoole, Treasurer Sri Ishwara Bhat Halemane, the Gurikkaras, Sri Karyakartas and other members were present.


Following the program, the way by the Pallathadka road where cows roam freely was made of plastic free and into an Amruthapatha.

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