Visit by Fakireshwara Samsthana Matha’s Swamiji


Hosanagara: Sri Fakira Siddaraama Swamiji of Shirahatti Sri Fakireshwara Samsthana Matha in Gadag district visited Mahanandi Gouloka which is a centre of SriRamchandrapura Matha for conservation of Indian cow breeds.


On this occasion He spoke and said that it has brought immense pleasure to have spent time in this Goushaala. The effort here is more than that of the products. Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji’s efforts to protect and conserve Indian cow breeds is commendable, He mentioned.


Mahanandi Gouloka’s incharge K P Edappaadi, Goushaala’s G T Diwakar gave information about the Goushaalas.

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