Free eye checkup camp at Neerchal : many villagers benefited


Neerchal: Mujungavu Shree Bharathi eye hodpital conducted camps at various places for benefitting the village population and helped those who suffered from eye ailments.


SriMatha has been identified for several social causes. Under the guidance of Sri Samsthana, the disciple-lot too is serving the society in these ways.


In association with the Kasaragod District Blindness Curing Committee and in sponsorship of NABARD and Mugu Jalanayana Paddhathi, Neerchal, Sri Dharmachakra Trust’s ShreeBharathi Eye Hospital at Mujungavu conducted free eye checkup camp at Neerchal Mahajana Institution on Sunday. Mulleria Mandala’s president Prof Srikrishna Bhat inaugrated the camp and spoke that life will be a success if we follow the path described by our Guru.


Badiyadka Grama Panchayat’s president Sri K.N Krishna Bhat was the president of the session. The adminstrative president of ShreeBharathi Eye Hospital Dr. Sridhara Bhat gave the foretalk. Resource person Dr. Anand S. Hande elaborated about eye defects. Convener Sri S.N.Bhat Arjunaguli spoke and said that already the eye checkup camps have been organised in more than 550 villages with the help of various organisations. He seeked their help further too to be of help for the poor people.


Retired teacher Sri Appanna master gave a graceful speech. Famous amateur Yakshagana artist Sri Balakrishna Acharya Neerchal got his eyes tested and expressed his opinion as, “The eye hospital’s work of conducting free camps in villages is commendable”.


Mugu Jalanayana Paddhati’s president Sri Jayadeva Khandige welcomed the audience. Secretary Sri H.M.Shivaprasad gave the vote of thanks. Smt. Savita S.N. Bhat Arjunaguli anchored the programme. Hundreds of people were benefited from the camp.


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