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‘World Havyaka Conference’ : A call from Havyaka Mahamandala SriMatha’s unit of disciple organisation


The second World Havyaka Conference and Anlmruta Mahitsava (Platinum Jubilee) of Sri Akhila Havyaka Mahasabha are being organised on 28th, 29th and 30th of December at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru. Havyaka Mahamandala gives a call for active participation of all in the events, since it is a programme of all Havyakas.


Many programmes including exhibition of our unique skills of agriculture-arts-cookery, yajna mantapa, yaga mandala, indigenous cattle breeds, problems of our community and their solutions and the seminars related to the greatness of our community shall be arranged. On the day of inauguration of the Platinum Jubilee, i.e. Dec 28th at 9am, SriSamsthana shall grace the occasion. On 29th stage programmes and Bhagavadgita recitation are conducted. As a crown of all the events of the three days, on 30th, His Holiness shall grace Sri Ramakatha which includes 75 artists.


The Havyaka community has to show its strength to the world as a single family. Hence the Mahamandala calls all office bearers of every mandala, valaya and ghataka to take part actively and also make every Havyaka to take part in all the three days.


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