Map of ‘Samarasa’ trust offered to SriSamsthana



Bengaluru: ‘Samarasa’, a branch of SriMatha will be constructed as a nerve centre for Mulleriya Havyaka mandala near Delampady on Mulleriya-Badiyadka highway, under the divine guidance of SriSamsthana.


The map of the land where ‘Samarasa’ is to be constructed was offered to SriSamsthana at SriRamashrama, Girinagar on 16.12.2018, Sunday.


Havyaka Mahamandala secretary Sri Hariprasad Periyappu and trustees of the organisation were present and they received the blessings of SriSamsthana during the occasion.


SriSamsthana expressed joy and blessed everyone with Mantrakshate for its success.


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