Far sightedness- Controlled administration will lead to a systematic country-SriSamsthana

Sri Samsthana

Girinagara- Our system where in there is lack of sufficient water to mother earth is causing a huge water scarcity to the population of today. The ruler must have control over the system along with far sightedness for the growth of a dystemaric land. There is joy where there is sbundance says Jagadguru Shankaracharya SriSriRaghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji, SriRamachsndrapura Matha.


SriSamsthana blessed the gathering at SriRamashrama Girinagara with the fifth day of Dhara Ramayana pravachanamalike, held as an initistion for Vishnugupta Vidyapeetha.


It is not right to squeeze the life out of villages and tramsgorm them into cities. There were opportunities to showcase the talents of women even in the yester years of Ramayana. Reading and listening to Ramayana scriptire can relocate the precious lost items. The lost Indian wealth of education is going to be re established through vishwa vidhyalaya. A joyous society can be built by establishing a very pleasant mental attitude in the subjects.


There was abundance in Ayodhya during the times of Ramayana. There was a vivid description of the time, place, subjects of Ayodhya


Phala samarpane was gone by Vadiraja couple. Taila samarpane to mahadeepa was done by Sri Madhukeshwara and Smt Divyashree. Sri Vinayaka N Bhat was the master of ceremony.


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