Maathes should become the foundation of GouSwarga – SriSamsthana

Sri Samsthana

Siddapura: GouSwarga should not run with just few millionaires. In goseva everybody’s participation is more important than expectation of money. Maates should devote themselves to goseve by participating in not only building the GouSwarga but also in managing it, Maates should become the foundation of GouSwarga, said SriSamsthana.


In GouSwarga of Bankuli of Siddapura Taluk SriSamsthana gave aashirvachana and guidance in the Surabhi Sevike meeting of Siddapura, Sagara, Ramachandrapura, Kumata and Honnavar Mandalas.


GouSwarga has emerged as the world’s one and only spot where Gou can live freely. Here, if it survives it is welfare, if new one arrives it is yoga. Hence, save the ones who are responding to GouSwarga, join the new ones. Contact many more devotees and communities. Don’t ask money from them. Let them come and experience the divinity here. Their arrival is as important as collecting funds. For this reason Maates should become the communication bridge, SriSamsthana intended. It is confirmed that GouSwarga will be filled in very few days. Let’s distribute whatever is left here to Hosaad Goshalala and other Goshalas. All in all Goseva should happen everywhere, thousands of Surabhi Sevikas should devote themselves for this purpose, called out SriSamsthana and blessed everyone.


On this occasion in GouSwarga, with Vidwan Adavithota Krishna Bhat’s adhvarya and cooperation of Saharitvijas Navachandi Havana was performed. In these programmes president of the Mahamandala Smt. Eshwari Berkadavu, GouSwarga Samsthana’s Sri R.S. Hegde Haragi, Sri Ganapathi Hegde Moogimane, Maatrupradhane of the Mahamandala Smt. Kalpana Talavaata, Maatrupradhane of Siddapura Mandala Smt. Veena Bhat,Sirsi, Smt. Anuradha Parvathi and many other Surabhi Sevakis who arrived from various regions and other devotees participated in the programme.

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