Pearls of Wisdom : Courage, the Most Potent Weapon – Series of discourse by H.H. Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji

Sri Samsthana

Once there lived a mighty king. He had an enemy who was not so powerful. The weak king desired  to defeat the mighty king, if not in war at least by some trick.

He thought of a plan to conquer the strong king. He summoned a famous astrologer to his court and gave him some instructions and sent him to the strong king’s kingdom.


The mighty king welcomed the astrologer and treated him with great respect. He consulted him about his future. The astrologer praised the mighty king’s valour and his concern for the citizens and at the end said-
“Oh Mighty ruler, you have only a few days left to live on this earth.”


The king who was strong and powerful thought that he need not attach much significance to the astrologer’s words as no one could harm him. He sent away the astrologer.  But, after some time, a sense of fear pervaded his heart. The king kept telling himself-
“I am strong, nothing will happen to me. No one can defeat me.”


Yet, the fear of death grew stronger in him  day by day. He lost interest in work, food and sleep. The king became so weak that within a few days, he died of anxiety.  It was the fear of death which killed the mighty king.


However strong a person may be, if any form of fear attacks him, he will be destroyed. There is no better friend than Courage, no worst enemy than Fear. We have to face several  trials and tribulations in life. If we lose heart, we cannot achieve anything. Courage is the most effective and potent weapon. If we are strong both physically and mentally we can achieve anything in life. Let us be fearless and courageous.


Translated by : Dr. Sharada Jayagonvind

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