SriRama Janmotsava in Bhanukuli Matha


Bhanukuli Jul. 28: SriRama Janmotsava was celebrated grandly in SriRamadeva Bhanukuli Matha as per SriSamsthana’s direction. The Archakas, yajamaana dampatis, ordainers, got together with the devotees who had arrived and did Shrirama japa, Bhajana Ramayana Pathana, Rama Bhajana, performed Pooja and kept Sri Baalaraama in the cradle and celebrated by swinging the cradle. Sri Ganapathi Hegde Gunjagodu gave the introductory proposal.
Dr. Y. V. Krishna Murthy explained in detail about the intention of SriSamsthana about Vishnugupta Vishwavidyapeetha. Later donation was collected for the Mahagurukula. Totally 3421 rupees was collected.
Later the programme ended with the distribution Prasada, Paanaka-Panivaara and sweets.

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