Disciple of Srimatha, dubbing artist, anchor Sri Pradeep Badekkila conferred with ‘Srishti Kalopasaka Award’

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Bengaluru: Big screen & small screen actor, television anchor, writer, dubbing artist for many videos of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha’s Prastuti division, disciple of SriMatha Sri Pradeep Badekkila was conferred the ‘Srishti Kalopasaka Award’ in the Sangeeta-Nrityotsava event of Srishti Kalavidyalaya held at J.S.S. Auditorium, Jayanagar on Saturday.


Sri Pradeep has rendered his voice to many popular programmes of small screen. He is the voice behind the announcements in the Metro trains. SriSamsthana and the disciples have expressed their rejoice for him being awarded.


Poet Sri Doddarangegowda was awarded the ‘Srishti Kalabhushana’ on the same occasion. Industrialists Sri Leelashankar, Dr. M. Shyamasundar, the honorary president of Srishti Kalavidyalaya Sri Srikant M. G., founding president of Srishti Sri Chayapati Kanchibail and many other elites were present in the event.

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