Ramapada Satsang to be held in Ramashrama on Saturday

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Bengaluru: On the auspicious day of Ekadashi, SriSamsthana along with the devotees sing in praise of Lord Rama as part of Ramapada Satsang. This special program is scheduled from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday i.e. 03/11/2018.

In this satsang which is to be held in Ramashrama (Girinagar), sitting at the lotus feet of Rama, SriSamsthana gives discourse about the special attributes of SriRama along with singing songs of the Lord.

Siddartha Belmannu, emerging artist in the field of Hindustani music, will be singing in Ramapada program this Saturday. The secretary of Kalarama, Anuradha Parvati has requested everyone to participate in satsang and be a part to SriRama’s blessings.

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