Exam-Expectation : Exam preparation workshop for students


Gumpe: Working under the divine guidance of SriSamsthana, Vidyarthivahini of Mulleriya Mandala along with sponsorship from Vidyarthi Vahini of Gumpe valaya organized a program called Parikshe-Nirikshe, an exam preparation workshop on 7.2.2019 for students of 10th standard at Sri Durgaparameshwari High school, Dharmtadka.


The manager of the school Sri Shankaranaraya Bhat inaugurated the programme with a lamp lighting ceremony. Sri Anantanarayana Padakannaaya, Shree Bharathi College Nantoor, gave well wishes.


The teacher’s mind is pleased if a student answers well in an exam. If proper preparation is done for the exam and if the answer is known then the student’s happiness appears on the face, said Undemane Sri Vishweshwar Bhat and by getting the attention of the students towards the programme he started his special class. If the preparation for exam has already begun then 4 hours of preparation per day is sufficient. If the preparation has not been done yet then with days passing the speed of studying increases and chances of not understanding few topics and stumbling increases. Hence the preparation must be done as early as possible, he said. He also reminded that while learning, the most important factor is to understand the topics properly. Information about study time table, required rest, physical and mental activities, proper meal plan was given to the students. 180 students participated in this workshop and benefitted from it.


The principal of Sri Durgaparameshwari Higher secondary, Sri Ramachandra Bhat Nerolu who provided space, welcomed everybody and anchored the programme. The head of Jeevika department of Gumpe valaya Sri E.H. Govinda Bhat gave the vote of thanks. The head of Vidyarthi Vahini of Mulleriya Mandala Sri Keshava Prasad Edakkaana coordinated the Exam-Expectation programme.


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