Farewell to the students of SreeBharathi vidyapeetha;spandana’*


Badiadka- Recently a farewell ceremony Spandana, was conducted to the tenth standard students of SreeBharathi vidyapeetha.


Guest, Sri Venkatesh Bhat; retd Syndicate bank employee and am author presented a lamp being the representative of knowledge to each student on behalf of school and spoke a few words. Let the journey of student’s life be fulfilled by aiming at incorporating the five sutras simplicity, humility, cleanliness, strength and love, and not only achieving high marks. Do not forget your roots. He asked the students to always follow parents’, teacher’s timely advice.


Dr. Y. V. Krishnamurthy, the establishing president of the school wished the students to follow the footsteps of our country’s pride, commander Sri Abhinandan and be an ideal countryman.
School Sri Jayaprakasha Pajila wished the students in his presidential speech asking the students to grow each day along with the developing science. He explained it with the topiwala narration.


School principal Sri Satyanarsyana Sharma, in his concluding speech remarked that the doors of your mother Institution will always be open to all the students and said that this programme was to further strengthen the bomds of a student and a teacher.


The president of Rlakshaka shikdhaka sangha Sri Ganesh Pai, vice president Smt Prameela, treasurer Sri Rajagopala Chullikkana wished the students theirbest for the forthcoming


Few students, parents and teachers shared their heartfelt experiences.


On this occasion, the outgoing students presented a memento to the vidyapeetha.


Ninth standard students Kum Aparna. P welcomed the gathering while Kum Prateeka. K thanked everyone. Kum Sindhushree was the master of ceremony.


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