Gurukula students pay tribute to the martyred jawans


Hosanagara: On 16.02.2019, Saturday, students of Shree Bharathi Gurukula, RamachandrapuraMatha, Hosanagara offered their tribute to the martyred jawans by lighting lamps.


Sri Satish Arya described the torturous act of 14.02.2019 to be heinous. Sri Sadananda Arya expressed the plight of the families.


Acharya Pradhan Sri A. V. Gajanana Bhat described “If India is considered the body then Army would be its arms. The body responds to any organ in pain. Similarly, we all need to respond to the soldiers. Let us all pray that their souls reach the supreme soul of light. Kum. Shivaram was the master of ceremony.


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