Vihaara-Vichaara -summer camp by Vidyarthi Vahini


As every year Vidyarthi Vahini of the Havyaka Mahamandala is organising a summer camp called Viraama-Vihaara-Vichaara for 5th to 10th standard students. Summer vacation should not become a punishment, it should be a break period to give joy and culture, in this view, for the children of our community summer camp for 2019 is being organised from 2nd of May to 7th of May in Sri Ramakrishna Kaalika Matha,Sri Ramachandrapura Matha’s branch Matha in Sirsi, surrounded by the nature of Ambagiri, where there is divine presence of Gou-God.
Hereby it is requested to all the Heads of the Vidyarthi Vahini to take up the responsibility to make the students of the following age limit (from each valaya), participate in the camp. Hereby everybody’s cooperation is requested.


Age limit: 6th standard to PUC children (boys and girls)

Camp fee:
Rs.1000/- from the campers

* There is also a chance for everyone to donate as a form of service.
* There is a chance to donate as much as possible and participate in the camp.
* Contact for registration: Valaya location/Mandala’s Vidyarthi Vahini heads.


Hereby we request you to encourage and motivate your children, your friends’ children to participate in this camp which has the goal to sow culture, service and self-reliance in the children and help them grow into responsible citizens.
To register names for the camp contact the heads of Vidyarthi Vahini of your Mandala.

1. Ramachandrapura Mandala – Ganesh H K – 9449270026 9945667721

2. Sagara Mandala – Lakshmisha T. M. – 9686103578

3. Siddpura Mandala – Vasundara Bhat – 8762827633

4. Honnavar Mandala – Raghavendra Hegde – +919480520380

5. Kumta Mandala – Dr. Gopalakrishna Hegde – 9741847399

6. Mangalore Mandala Bhaskara Hosmane – +918970015493

7. Uppinangadi Mandala- V.G Bhat – +91 94482 40975

8. Mulleriya Mandala – Keshava Prasad Edakkaana – +918921367767

9. Bengaluru South Mandala- Ashwini Arvind a – +919945483276

10. Bengaluru North Mandala – Sandhya Kaanatooru – 9535728246.

Last date for registration: April 25th, 2019


Subjects in the camp and the objectives

Culture and joy providing Shloka, Bhajana, Yogasana, arts and crafts, games, tour and many other subjects that encourage the growth and interest in children.

Unification: It is one of the main objectives to have unified growth by participation of children from all the valayas and seemes and sharing the specialities of their regions.

Things to be brought by the campers
Craft scissors-1
Normal cloth : 3, good:3
Bedsheet :2
Bath towel :1 or 2
Bathing soap: 1
Washing soap:1
Comb, Kumkum, stickers
Upaneetaru: Panche shalya, Jala paatre, Udharane, harivaana, Vibhooti.

The inauguration of the camp is to be held on 2nd May at 9.00am , campers have to be present at the location of the camp on the evening of 1st of May.
* The closing ceremony of the camp is to be held in the afternoon on 7.05.2019, Monday , parents are hereby invited.


Location of the camp:
Sri Ramakrishna Kaalika Matha, Ambagiri,Sirsi.* Uttara Kannada district


Duration of the camp: * 1-05-2019 night to 7-05-2019 evening.*
For further information
Contact: Sri S.G. Bhat Kabbinagadde (head of the Vidyarthi Vahini)- +919448755969
Srimathi Sandhya Kaanatooru – 9535728246

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