Workshop for teachers at Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya


Sri Vishweshwara Bhat Undemane, a retired principal, educational expert and resource personnel who is appointed as the new administrator of Shree Bharathi Vidyalaya in Hampinagar, Bengaluru, has conducted a workshop teachers. The topic for the first day was “Self introduction through colleagues” where each teacher was supposed to introduce his/her fellow colleague to the gathering for about two minutes. It was an interesting activity.
He said that the teachers can do such activities in their own classes, which can eliminate the fear of children and improve their communication skills as well.


The second day’s activity was based on diligent administrator and qualities of an ideal teacher. All the teachers took part in the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. The uniqueness of this program was that he did not give lectures on this issue, instead all the teachers were made to list out the qualities of an efficient administrator. Meanwhile, he said that, every teacher is an administrator of his class and each teacher must have these qualities.


The 3rd day involved identification of 3 types of students namely Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic accompanied with the implementation of the course plan accordingly. The session was informative and entertaining. All the teachers participated enthusiastically.


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