Fodder for cows : Volunteers offered their service in this auspicious event.

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Kasaragod: The shramadan of transporting the freshly grown fodder from the backyard of Sri Ganesh Bhat, hailing from Mailankondy of Peradala valaya to Bajakudlu Amrutadhara goshala, Perla which runs as per SriSamsthana’s divine guidance, saw its successful completion.


The fresh grass was cut in the backyard of Ganesh Bhat’s house on Tuedsay. Smt.Eshwari Shyam Bhat Berkadavu the president of mahamandala, Kusuma Permukha of Matru vibhaga of Mulleriya mandala,
Sri Keshava Prasada Yedakkana the head of vidyarthivahini from Mulleriya mandala, Sri Shyam Bhat Berkadavu,
Sri Hariprasad Permukha president of Perdala valaya, Sri Mahesha Krishna Tejaswi of shishyamadhyama vibhaga of Neerchal valaya, Sri Eshwar Bhat of vidyarthivahini vibhaga, Sri Ravi Kombraje a Srikaryakartha, Smt. Kirana Murthy, Smt. Gayatri Berkadavu, Sri Ganesha Bhat Mailankondy, Smt. Usha G. Bhat served as volunteers.


Sri Ajit Yeniyarpu in his vehicle, helped in the transportation of cut grass to the destination. There were a total of 11 volunteers. It’s a pleasure to see the involvement of self motivated volunteers in giving fodder to the cows.


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