Letter of condolence to Late Sri Anant Kumar’s kin from SriRamachandrapura Matha


SriRamachandrapura Matha sympathises the untimely death of Union Minister Sri Anantha Kumar and sends condolence letter to his wife Smt. Tejaswini praying Srikararchita SriRamadi deities to give strength to the grieving family.


The letter carries message of Jagadguru Shankaracharya SriSriRaghaveshwarabharathi Mahaswamiji, which states-


Ananth Kumar was an able politician, was dedicated to the Nation since his childhood. He has worked for many good causes. He should have lived for many more years to continue the noble work. But, his untimely demise is a very sad shock for his family.


The grieving family needs to come out of this, as birth and death are completely under the control of fate. Prayers for Srikararchita SriRamadi dieties to bless them to bear the pain and may they be blessed.


The representatives of SriMatha met the grieving family of Late Sri Ananth Kumar and have given the condolence letter. President Havyaka mahamandala Smt. Eshwari Berkadavu, Srinirdesha Secretary Sri Jayarama Korikkar, Kamadugha vibhaga’s Sri Manjappa Gundi and Smt. Geetha Manjappa met the family, explained about Sri Sandesha and offered the condolence letter.

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