Unique celebration of child’s birthday: Parents who offered fodder to Mother Cow

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Bajakudulu: Among the parents who follow the Western tradition of cutting a cake for their children’s birthday, a devotee of SriMatha, Sri Keshavaprasad Yedakana stands out for celebrating his son’s birthday in an unique manner. Sri Keshavprasad is the head of Vidyarthivahini Division of Mulleriya Mandala.


On November 15, Sri Kesavaprasad celebrated his son Ramsharma’s birthday. On that day, in the name of his son, he offered gopooja and a day’s worth of fodder at Bajakudulu Amrutadhara goshala making it a meaningful birthday.


These parents are a role model for those who spend money in the name of a birthday party. Bringing together everyone in the endeavour of protecting cows will lead to positive growth.

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