What did the Gou lovers do for the sake of fodder for Gous?


Bajakodlu: For the sake of fodder for the cows in Bajakodlu Amruthadhara Goushaala, fresh grass grown in public places, which was getting wasted was cut through Shramaseva on October 13th, Sunday,in Mahatma Gandhi in front of Vidya Nagar Blind School.


This programme was organised under the leadership of president of Kasaragodu Valaya, Arjunaguli Shankara Narayana Bhat. Kamadugha department’s Dr. Y V Krishna Murthy and Kirana Murthy’s son Ashwiniramana celebrated his birthday by providing the transport expenses. Seva pradhaana of Kasaragodu Murali Mogral joined hands in cutting the grass.


The head of Matrutwam Eshwari Syam Bhat, Shyam Bhat Berkadavu, Mulleriya Mandala’s associative secretary Keshav Prasada Edakkaana, head of Bindu-Sindhu Eshwara Bhat Uluvaana, secretary of the Kasaragodu Valaya Mahalingeshwara Bhat, vice president B Mahaabala Bhat, associative secretary Mahesh Mannippaadi, Treasurer Ramesh Bhat, Gurikkaar Tekkekere Shankara Narayana Bhat, Matru pradhaana Premalatha C Bhat, Savitha S N Bhat, Savitha R Bhat, Y K Govinda Bhat, Eshwara Chandra T, Prem Prakash, S N Prasad, secretary of the Goushaala Sridhara Bhat, Kirana Shankara Bhat were present.


Example setting work:
The programme named Fodder for Gou – we are for fodder which was initiated and spread by Dr Y V Krishna Murthy in 2018 in Kasaragodu Valaya has set an example for all other Valaya Mandalas.

Arrived for Gou’s service:
It was special that the co secretary of the internet department of the administration, residents of Bengaluru, Ambika Venkatesh couple arrived. They arrived with the intention of serving the Gou and joined hands in cutting the grass along with other volunteers. They also offered 2000 rupees as the expense of transport of grass. Dr Venkatagiri came to the spot where grass cutting was happening and appreciated the hard work of the volunteers.

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