SriSamsthana’s picture on mobile case : Disciples of Sri are ecstatic!


SriSamsthana’s picture on mobile case : Disciples of Sri are ecstatic

Bengaluru: Cell phone has become an inseparable living requirement today. We stay in a time where existing without a mobile phone is unthinkable. There are extensive models of cell phones with varying costs. It is a joy to decorate it creatively. There are various mobile covers available in the market with variety of designs like film actors, Barbie dolls etc. The newest addition to this is mobile cover having SriSamsthana’s picture.

SriSamsthana has disciples throughout the span of India after having guided many revolutionary movements pertaining to indigenous cows and other social causes. Their intense desire of having SriSamsthana’s picture on their mobile covers remained a dream till recently. Now, SriSamsthana’s picture on mobile covers has stepped into the market.
This has made the disciples of SriMatha ecstatic. This case is presently available only for Apple phones, and is yet to release for various other models. The attractive picture of SriSamsthana on mobile cover can be purchased from the link below.

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