Kartika Deepotsava at Goa Havyaka Valaya: Kumkumarchana, Ashtavadhana seva and food fest conducted

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Goa: Goa Havyaka Valaya celebrated Kartika Deepotsava in a very special manner. The Deepotsava held at Gajanana Maharaja Matha, Madagaon on 24.11.2018, included Kumkumarchana, Ashtavadhana seva, Deeparadhana and food fest.


The programme commenced with Guruvandana. 15 women performed Kumkumarchana under the leadership of Smt. Mamata Hegde, the head of Matri vibhaga and Smt. Rekha Hegde, the secretary. Sri Mahabala Bhat, the samskara-pradhana of the valaya, headed the Ashtavadhana seva and briefly explained the importance of lamp.


Singing songs filled with emotions, everybody lit the lamps with the determination of lighting the atmajyoti.


The delicious Havyaka food prepared in houses not only satisfied the stomach but rekindled the tastebuds of everyone present.


Apart from the Havyaka Valaya office bearers and members, office bearers of Gajanana Maharaja Matha and locals too participated in the event.


Sri Venkataramana Hiregange, the president of Goa Havyaka Valaya, gave the vote of thanks.

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