Shivaganga Mahotsava at Sri Kshetra Gokarna – Minister S. R. Srinivas visited Lord Mahabaleshwara

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Gokarna: Vilambi samvatsara’s Shivaganga Vivaha Mahotsava was celebrated grandly in Sri Mahabaleshwara temple, Gokarna on Ashvija bahula chaturdashi day under the guidance of SriSamsthana.


The bride Ganga Maa and Lord Mahabaleshwara married on the vast beachside in the presence of thousands of devotees in godhooli muhurta. The roar of the ocean, music of the instruments, chanting of the Vedas, special torana, gumatepanga folk songs added much more grandeur to the event. The devotees welcomed the couple by performing arati.


After the marriage, Shiva-Ganga came to the ‘Amritanna’ dining hall and accepted the devarajopachara poojas. Then prasada was distributed. Members of upadhivanta mandala, localites and members from all sects were present.


On the same evening, minister for small scale industries Sri S.R.Srinivas visited Sri Mahabaleshwara temple and performed special pooja. Administrator G. K. Hegde felicitated him with shawl and momento of Atmalinga. Sri Ve. Ganesh Bhat Jambhe performed the poojas.


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