SrimadValmiki Ramayana parayana by Brahmashri Mittooru Purohita Thimmayya Bhat Sampratishtana

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Uppinangadi:As per the resolution and wish of SriSamsthana, three parayanas of SrimadValmiki Ramayana took place according to Navaha system, from November 12th to 20th, in colloboration with Brahmashri Mittooru Purohita Thimmayya Bhat Sampratishtana.


The parayana began on November 12th at the residence of Sri Ramesh Bhat, President of the foundation. Following this, events were held at the residences of following people – Veda Brahma Sri. Badaja Jayarama Joyis on November 13th; Secretary of the foundation Sri. M. H. Ramesh Bhat on November 14th; Sri. Shankara Joisa Angaraje on November 15th; Sri. B. Shriranga Bhat on November 16th; Veda Brahma Mittoor Sri Srinivasa Bhat on November 17th; on November 18th, parayana was conducted by convener of the foundation Purohita Sri. Tirumaleshwara Bhat, Anuchaana nilaya; Sri M. Tirumaleshwara Bhat Valtaje on November 19th and on November 20th parayana was concluded at the house of Vadyadagaya Sri Narayana Bhat, Vice-President of the foundation.


Veda Brahma Purohita Mittooru Sri Narayana Jois Kudippadi lead the parayana sessions. Veda Brahma Sri Satyanarayana Bhat ,Sirsi and Veda Brahma Sri Aruna Bhat were also a part of the parayana. Parayana started after the praying to kula devaru and Saraswati pooja, lunch was scheduled after completion of specified sargas of parayana and in the afternoon session, Veda Brahma Sri Narayana Bhat Kudippadi delivered a talk from 3 o’clock for about an hour.


As a special event, SriRama Kalpokta Pooja, Dampativaayana Daana, SriRama Havana at Valtaje, Havananga Kalasha and on the last day at Vadyadagaya, on the account of SriRama Pattabhisheka, SriRama Kalpokta Pooja, Rajopacharaanga, Ashtavadana seva were held followed by homeage presentation to the vaidikas, gauravarpane, ashisamprarthane and vaidika mantrakshate were conducted.


Sri Hariprasad Periyapu, Secretary of Havyaka Mahamandala, Uppinangadi mandala Secretary Sri Sridhar Bhat Kuvethanda participated in the programme.


On the last day, Dr. Padekallu Vishnu Bhat and Havyaka Mahamandala President Smt. Eshwari Berkadavu were present and stated the purpose of Sri Ramayana Parayana.


Eshwari berkadavu hailed the fortunate moment where Srikararchita pooja and Mahanaivedya offerings at SriRamashrama, Girinagar by the SriSamsthana and the closing ceremony of the parayana coincided.

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