Any work can be successful only with Divine grace- SriSamsthana

Sri Samsthana

Girinagara: It takes courage to make a huge sacrifice in life. Jatayu’s life is an ideal example to every volunteer. Our desire can be fulfilled only if there is divine grace, says Jagadguru Shankaracharya SriSriRaghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji, SriRamachandrapura Matha.


Today was the second day of Dhara Ramayana pravachana series, held with the sankalpa of Vishnugupta vishwavidya peetha.


Every thing will turn out good with true surrender to Guru and God. There is no bigger principle in the world other than devotion. This is the doorway to achieve anything. There is no need for fear where there is presence of holy men. They provide protection to us.


Sri Yajnesh Bhat Bangalagallu, hailing from America performed the Mahasamarpane.


Narada maharshi preached Ramayana to Valmiki muni in time frame when Ramapattabhishekha took place. This was showcased during the pravachana. Dharmakhanda Sri Samyojaka Sri Ramakrishna Kootelu initiated the programme.


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