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Girinagar: There will be fortune were Divinity and Magnificence are present. In the Mansion called Bharata many arts and vidyas have spread the light. The ones who benefit others without any discrimination are the greatest. If lakhs of children lighten the light of Vidya Bharata can also light up said SriRamchandrapura Matha’s Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji.


Srisamsthana gave ashirvachana on the first day of the pravachana series Dhaara Ramayana being conducted in Girinagar’s SriRamashrama in Vishnugupta Vishwavidyapeetha’s sankalpa.


When there is intensity in the work being done, fruitful result is gained. Children should always do the deeds to increase mothers’ happiness. Ramayana was born because of questions and curiosity. Because of Vishwavidyapeetha’s Srushti’s intention we have got the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Ramayana’s Ganga. Vishwavidyapeetha is the light of all matters.


The story of Narada Muni explaining Ramayana in brief to Valmiki Maharishi was presented. Before the pravachana began children illuminated more than 108 deepas.


The president of the Dhaara Ramayana acting committee Dr. Sharada Jayagovinda and Jayagovinda couple made fruit offerings. Dr. Gajaanana Sharma couple gave donations to Vishnugupta Vishwavidyalaya. Srisamyojaka of the Dharmakarma Khanda Sri Ramakrishna Kootelu gave the introductory proposal. Sri Vinayaka N Bhat anchored the programme.


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