Maharudra Havana performed in Golagodu in Sagara

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Earlier when the soldiers of the country were killed brutally by terrorists in Kashmir’s Pulwama the whole nation shed tears. During this Veda Murthy Dattatreya Bhat of Trayambakeshwara temple in Golagodu was determined to perform Maharudra Havana as offering to Lord Eshwara worshipped everyday by him for the benefit of the soldiers, this great deed for the sake of the soldiers got a very quick response from the Havyaka community and as a result Maharudra Havana was performed formally.


For the sake of this big deed, large working group of the Havyaka community worked days and nights without expecting any rewards. Veda Murthy Raveesha Shastri and Veda Murthy Ganapathi Bhat lead the other Vaidikas who also performed the Havana diligently without any expectations.
As per the wish of our SriSamsthana people who have learnt Rudra mantra also participated in the programme and became a part of it’s success.
In this sacred deed students and teachers of Shree Bharathi Gurukula were also involved.

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