Constant Gou Seva can help you become a Brahmajnani!

Sri Samsthana

Talageri: We build a stock of sin by illegally taking away what belongs to the Gods. We receive in this life according to what we have done in our previous lives. His Holiness SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha stated that the satvik intentions will only be fulfilled when there is the blessings of the Guruparampara and willingness from the Gods.


His Holiness delivered their lecture in a Dharmasabha held at the home of Sri Vijayakumar at Talageri.
Multiple good things happen when one walks in the righteous path. Dharma always trumps material things. Dharma is gained through seva and sacrifice. Taking the cows to graze and bringing them home equals the fruits of doing Yajna, Pooja, donation. Guruji stated that through constant Gou Seva, one can become a Brahmajnani.


The Bhiksha Seva held on Tuesday at Sri Vijayakumar’s house is the fruit of 24 years of wait. Pooja for Sri Sitaramachandra, Sri Chandramoulishwara and Sri Rajarajeshwari Devi was held through the Swarna Mantapa Seva.


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