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Sri Samsthana

Mani: Knowledge is the main duty of all monasteries. If they do not do this, it will be a big mistake. In twenty years, a generation has changed. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji of Sri Ramachandrapura Math, said that the decision to set up a university in a time frame is now and should be taking place without delay.


Sri Ramachandrapura Math Mani Maha Keshtra held a discourse by His Holiness on the Vishnu Gupta University Guidelines.


It is with the power of knowledge that Sri Shankaracharya was able to being a change in.the country. The Vishnu Gupta University aims to teach the new generation through imparting the best knowledge and wisdom, to create such a perfect personality with piety, nationalism and culture. His holiness announced that on April 26, 2020 on Akshaya Tritiya, the university will be unveiled.


Service projects and knowledge projects are important in the Math. The announcement of the establishment of the university was made on April 25, 1999 and will be s a gift from the 36th generation of Sri Shankaracharya’s legacy. On the day His Holiness took the Peeta, the announcement of the University was made before the disciples which is now the society is now being implemented.


The government, society and all other monasteries had to execute his duty. There is no Indian learning centers imparting all Indian education. Sri Math is leading such a unique task. The society has survived today because of Sri Shankaracharya’s incarnation. Therefore, Sri Ramachandrapura Math, which has continued the legacy of Sri Shankaracharya, said it was imperative to undertake such a task.


It has to do with the good of the country, religion and society. It is from the heritage of our monastery that we know that a fixed vision can become a reality. Sri Swamiji explained that the extraordinary works such as the World Congress of Gou, the Ramayana Maha Satra and the Gouswarga are instances of the sankalpana.


It should become a platform for learning the four Vedas and the Shastras. The purpose of this University to create a perfect personality by teaching of Upavedas, Vedas, sixty-four arts, knowledge of Indian origin, modern language, technology, and self-defense. Sri Swamiji stated that the specialty of the event is the introduction of all Indian affairs with a deep understanding of the subject.


His Holiness expressed that he hoped that Sri Math’s disciples would contribute 5% of their annual income for three years to this cause. In addition, there are various types of dedications. Sri Swamiji said that the majestic Guru Nivasa created in the ancient style of “Kulaguru” at an estimated cost of Rs. 10 crore will be given to the University.


Dr. Gajanana Sharma presented the introductory remarks. President of Mahamandala, Ishwari Berkadavu, General Secretary Hariprasad Periyappu, Deputy Secretary P Nagaraja Bhat, Harakere Narayana Bhat and others were present for the occasion.

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