Pearls of Wisdom : A Life of Contentment – H.H. Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji

Sri Samsthana

There lived a fisherman who used to go to the sea every day, catch some fish, sell it and earn money adequate to meet his needs. One day after a day’s work, he rested under a tree and sang to himself merrily.
A wealthy trader who had been watching the fisherman for some time asked him-
“Why do you waste time?”


The fisherman was surprised and asked the trader what he should do with his extra time.
The trader suggested-
“Why don’t you catch some more fish and make more money?”


“Why should I earn more money?” asked the fisherman.


The trader replied-
“You could buy more boats with the money and catch more fish and become rich. With that wealth you could be very happy.’


The fisher man replied-
“ Why should I struggle so hard and gain happiness when I am already happy and satisfied with whatever I have now?”


We should develop an attitude to be happy and content with whatever we have. A life of contentment is far superior to a life of material wealth.

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