Pearls of Wisdom : Lakshmi (Prosperity ) – Alakshmi (Destitution)

Sri Samsthana

Series of discourse by H.H. Shreemajjagadguru Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji.

Lakshmi (Prosperity ) – Alakshmi (Destitution

Once, an argument arose between Lakshmi and Alakshmi as to who is more beautiful. Each contested that she is more beautiful than the other. Both of them went to Earth and approached a wealthy merchant and asked him, “between two of us, who is more beautiful?”


The merchant was confused. He realised that if he declares one to be more beautiful than the other, he will be in trouble. He thought of a plan. He told them that he would decide on this issue by looking at the way they walk.

The merchant told Lakshmi,
“you walk ten steps forward”.
He told Alakshmi,
“you walk ten steps backwards”.
Both of them followed his instruction. The merchant pronounced his decision that Lakshmi looks more beautiful while she comes and Alakshmi looks more beautiful while she departs. He declared, “both are equal in beauty”. Lakshmi and Alakshmi were happy with this answer and blessed the merchant.
Similarly, in life both good and bad things befall upon us. We feel happy with good fortune. We feel equally happy when bad things get over.
If there is no darkness, how can we realise the greatness of light? We experience both good and bad in life. We should make our life happy by welcoming good and bid adieu to bad .This is the essence of this story.

Translated by : Dr Sharada Jayagovind.

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