SrimadValmikiRamayana Parayana by Mitturu Purohita Timmayya Bhat Sampratishtana: Vaidikas blessed by SriSamsthana

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Bengaluru: SrimadValmikiRamayana Parayana has been organised by Mitturu Purohita Timmayya Bhat Sampratishtana from 12-11-2018, Monday to 20-11-2018, Saturday.


Meeting SriSamsthana at Ramashrama, the members of Sampratishtana informed SriSamsthana about the programme and received blessings in the form of mantrakshate. On this occasion, ‘Mitturu Purohita Shankaranarayana Bhat and Maike Shankaranarayana Bhat birth centinary souvenir’ published by Dr. Padekallu Vishnu Bhat and Mittur Purohita Sri Tirumaleshwara Bhat was presented to SriSamsthana in seek of blessings.


Everyday at the house of the members of Mitturu Sampratishtana, parayana goes on from morning 7:30 to 12:30 in the afternoon followed by discourse from 3.00 to 4.00 in the evening.


Brahmasri Mittur Shi Timmanna Bhat used to study Ramayana always during his lifetime. In his rememberance, with the guidance and divine blessings of SriSamsthana, three parayanas of SrimadValmikiRamayana in the Navaha tradition is organised. Sampratishtana is seeking the cooperation and presence of everyone.

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